What Will Be

Your Legacy? 

You are on fire with purpose to create inclusive social impact.

And, to build a financially sustainable business model that allows you to reach more people with your mission and your solutions.

I know what it is like to go it alone as a solopreneur. My life was hectic 7 years ago when I was pregnant with Talula and my mom had a massive stroke. I got laid off from a fancy University job and started the path of unlearning and disrupting my entire life story. 

I knew it was time to go all-in on my vision to create real impact and social change through my own coaching business.

To say it was hard the first few years is well.... you know. I made mistakes, and worked way too hard using strategies that were not fully aligned with my core values of justice, equity, and inclusion. 

I am here to help you avoid the mistakes I made and accelerate your path to income and impact.

I call BS on the story that every entrepreneur has to struggle and fail a million times. We all benefit from mentorship, coaching and peer accountability.

It can be easier, more pleasurable, and more sustainable to grow your income and your impact in a community with a mentor that 100% shares your value system.

I learned the hard way. When I began investing in my own coaches and mentors it helped me shorten the path to my next level of growth.

I am on a mission to help you stay focused on using your time in ways that move you steadily your vision and goals with less burnout and more time for self-care, community, and REST.  

I spent 25 years of my life supporting social innovation around the world. And ten of those years were in Silicon Valley learn from entrepreneurial disruptors and innovators.

I made it my life's work to support thousands of leaders in earning an abundant living doing incredible work in service to people and the planet.

I have taken my lifetime of experiences and hands-on grunt work launching and scaling enterprises and the teams that sustain them - and I poured them into the Speak.Serve.Sell. program and master framework that is the core of my unique approach to scaling inclusive social impact businesses. 

With the Legacy Membership, you get access to all of my wisdom and the inspiring and inclusive community I have spent the past 5 years building. 

The Legacy Membership gives you access to world-class coaching, business advice, peer coaching, and networking within a diverse and aligned community of social impact entrepreneurs at a very accessible price point. 
This Embrace Change mission is to create a win-win ecosystem for diverse leaders that are creating inclusive and equitable social change in the world through their business model. 
Here are some common outcomes among Speak.Serve.Sell. graduates:
  • An inclusive Social Impact business model that creates access and opportunity
  • Compelling service and product offerings that clearly community their value and impact 
  • A signature solution event and powerful content that converts leads to sales with no BS or manipulation
  • A High Impact plan to scale your time with lead generation and business development in integrity
  • A personal brand and message that positions you as an expert
  • A path to increase your rates or scale your income in a way that honors your expertise and pays it forward
  • An empowered CEO mindset that shifts you out of hustle mode and into a sustainable business culture built on collaboration
  • A sustainable Launch Calendar to help you reach sales goals without burnout
  • Coaching and content to support the ongoing development of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion informed leadership
As a Legacy Member, you become a sponsor for future clients and program participants.
20% of Embrace Change program revenue and human capital is paid forward into sponsorship and impact initiatives that center and benefit BIPOC. 

Membership Benefits:

  • A powerful group training and Q & A session every fourth Tuesday of the month 10 am - 12 pm PST) 

  • We will cover topics of importance for entrepreneurs who care about impact. Examples of past guest experts:

    • Eva Cruz Pena: Founder of the Sacred Inclusion framework to create inclusive & safer spaces for people of color in your work/business.
    • Other topics include DEI informed copywriting, using live video effectively, and how to navigate crisis and collective trauma as a leader.
  • One Thursday Office Hour Q&A call per month
  • One guest expert training event per month
  • Opportunities to pitch and present your own workshops and events to the community

  • Opportunities to be a guest coach and/or a featured speaker at Embrace Change events

  • Participation in High Impact Challenges where we set a goal for income and impact and engage in healthy competition and accountability

  • Peer coaching and accountability 

  • A percentage of your membership will sponsor individuals from historically marginalized groups who apply for the Impact Acceleration Mastermind program.

  • Part of your investment is in Impact Institute which is working on decolonizing capitalism and business opportunities for BIPOC in the US and abroad.

  • Exclusive offers and discounts on Embrace Change events and programs.

Pricing: $249/month or $2400 for the year (savings of $50/month with year-long membership option)

Who is invited?

This is an exclusive Membership Community for coaches, consultants, healers, and social innovators who are committed to the following:

  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Racial and Social Justice
  • Disrupting oppressive capitalism
  • Impact Before Income
  • Inclusive Win-Win Partnerships


When you become a Legacy Member, you receive access to the entire Speak. Serve. Sell. Online Course Library!

This master program includes 16 mini-courses integrating over 25 years of experience in launching and scaling socially conscious business initiatives around the globe. 

Brigette Iarrusso was an instructor at UC Berkeley Extension for over 9 years. She designed dozens of courses and workshops in entrepreneurial leadership and social impact business acceleration.

She coached and mentored instructors and students from around the world with a strong emphasis on social entrepreneurs from the Global South and Latin America. 

This online course has all of the support you will need in easily digestible Core Lessons:

Sweet Spot Niche

Attract ideal clients that align with your value system

Design a bold vision & strategic map to revenue sustainability 

Nail your high ticket niche and where to find your people


Social Impact Model

Develop offers that are inclusive and accessible to diverse folx with different levels of access to capital

Create equitable business partnerships, sponsorship opportunities, and pay-it-forward revenue models 

The Inner Work

Map your Lifeline and fully honor the depth and breadth of your unique lived experience 

Align your mindset with a model for inclusive and accessible abundance 

Claim the value of your unique authentic brand grounded in your core values

High Impact Visibility

Get visible and make it easy for people to find your services

Ensure that you have a High Impact social engagement strategy

Create real value with your content and implement the High Impact Follow-up Framework

Create Content In Flow

Elevate your storytelling and create content that inspires action

Embrace content creation and tap into your natural creativity

Clarify your message to attract your ideal people

Align your free content with the value and impact of your offer

Free to VIP Framework & Signature Event

Place service before sales and generate ideal client leads in total integrity

Design your signature solution event to support potential clients in their decision to work with you with no BS or manipulation

Support leads to flow from Free to VIP Clients

The Launch Calendar

Build a business model that is sustainable, scale-able and sane

Create a business calendar with space for self-care, family time and community renewal

Create impactful launch "cycles" that fill your programs and offers without being in a constant hustle

Use data and benchmarks to ensure your time yields impact and income

Sales Flow

Embrace sales as an act of love and service

Lead through sales with confidence and a collaborative decision-making method with zero coercion

Support people in working through their hesitations with a co-active peer coaching model

Close sales in a way that feels exciting and in integrity 

What is the impact of being a Legacy Member?


Brigette Iarrusso

CEO and Master Coach

Alexis Douglas

Authentic Allyship Coach 

Brittney Johnson

Operations and Scale Manager

Elisabet Raquel Garcia

Content and Community Manager

The Embrace Change Mission

To help business leaders that care deeply about equity, impact, and restorative justice to scale their time and their income in total alignment with their deeply held core values.


Nicholas Sandoval

Graduate, Speak.Serve.Sell. and Sponsorship Recipient

Nicholas is an impact entrepreneur and founder of Create Purpose. He and his team built an orphanage in Tijuana that is changing the game for kids through STEM education and exceptional programming. 

"Before this program, we did not know where to begin to launch.

The 3 biggest outcomes from Speak.Serve.Sell. were:

  1. Clarity on the product and a finished product to sell 
  2. A big network of resources and friends
  3. Our first sale and 3 more sales within 3 months!

Sarah Lightfoot

Graduate, Speak.Serve.Sell., VIP Client and ongoing contributor to Impact Institute

"I really love Brigette's Speak.Serve.Sell program for two reasons:
1. Brigette helped me get results. One big mindset shift helped me learn what to give away to help my clients & potential clients to make a decision to work with me. I learned how to build the kinds of relationships that lead to even more aligned clients.

It's not just giving away a bunch of free time, it's actually a whole system and a way of working, that is in integrity and calls in the people that really make sense for me to work with.

She has really helped me increase the number of clients that I've gotten since I've been in the program.

2. Brigette has the same worldview as I do. Our country needs to change, and we need to have more equity in our business and our workplaces. Brigette understands that.

I've been part of programs that don't acknowledge systemic oppression, and that is out of integrity with me.

I want to invite you to join us in this wonderful program and become part of a community that has a shared mindset of leading our way through business to a new future".

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